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1 Peter Class Notes

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Here are my notes and leading discussion questions for teaching expositorily (verse by verse) through the book of 1 Peter.  Click on the appropriate reference to the section you are planning to teach.  You will still need to refer to commentaries and such, for background information and scholarly input.  These are the notes that I have carried into class with me after my own study, to help organize the class and stimulate appropriate class inquiry and discussion .

1 Peter 1;01-12

1 Peter 1;13-21

1 Peter 1;22- 2;3

1 Peter 2;04-12

1 Peter 2;13-20

1 Peter 2;13-25

1 Peter 3;01-12

1 Peter 3;8-22

1 Peter 4;1-10

1 Peter 4;12-19

1 Peter 5;1-14

Fundamental Elements of Salvation

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A table showing the elements of conversion based on the book of Acts. This would make quick reference for those looking to study the subject or to have on hand for when questions arise. Download the full chart  by clicking the link Fundamental Elements of Salvation